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People sometimes asked me how I learned to apply makeup.  My standard answer is, “I don’t know; I just learned.”  But when I really thought about it, I realized that I was fascinated by makeup from an early age, and I have always eagerly soaked up any information about it that I could find.  My hippie Mom rarely wore makeup, but she did have this amazing book, Color Me Beautfiul by Carole Jackson. I was fascinated with this book and spent hours poring through it, soaking up its advice for choosing fabulous 80s clothes, hairstyles, and, most importantly, makeup.  I gazed in wonderment at the rainbow-striped eye-shadow the women wore, which seemed impossibly exotic and glamorous to a country girl like me.

I thought I would scan in some of the best pictures from this incredible relic of the 80s.  Theses are the first ones, and there will be more to  come.  Hopefully others will find them as inspiring as I did.

P.S.  I’m a summer.  :)

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